Lisa R Brunner, LMT
Providing massages tailored to your invidividual needs.


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Lisa provides a caring touch in a healing, relaxed atmosphere.  Her massages are tailored to each individual to promote wellbeing in a way that helps clients feel empowered to participate in their overall wellness.


Why should you get a massage?

Massage is an effective tool for managing stress and in this day and age, we all have a lot more stress.  It helps decrease anxiety, improve concentration, reduce fatigue, increase circulation and enhance your sleep.  It offers relief from chronic pain, migraine headaches, muscle spasms, and neck pain.

Bodywork can increase your range of motion and help alleviate back pain.  It can stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles as well as help prevent injuries and increase joint flexibility.


Motor Vehicle Collision Massage:

Lisa is able to bill auto insurance companies for massage after an automobile collision if you or someone you know has been involved in an accident.  She offers this vital part of injury recovery at no out of pocket expense to you.

Prior to seeking massage, you must consult with a medical doctor or chiropractor to evaluate the extent of your injuries to ensure that massage will be beneficial and not a contraindication for your injury(ies).

Massage therapy can aid in the healing process by increasing circulation of blood and lymph which assists in reducing swelling and aids in faster recovery .  As the healing progresses, massage can release contracted, tight muscles as well as maintain and improve range of motion and help prevent the formation of scar tissue.

Please call today and let Lisa assist you on your road to recovery!


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